If you have a cafe and sell açai bowls, you know how traditional methods of producing açai bowls
are slow and messy especially if you serve a ton of acai bowls. A few minutes may not seem like a
lot, but it’s more than enough to make a huge impact in your business.

We are to save the day! Introducing the Nectar Fruits açai machine. The future of açai bowls in
Australia – It is deliciously profitable!

First, what is it?

Nectar Fruits açai machine is the perfect option for cafes, smoothie bars or vendors who need açai
quickly on demand. It effortlessly produces perfect açai bowls, cups or cones at the perfect
temperature and texture every time.

What are the benefits?

  1. Easy portion control
  2. Reduces the time significantly to make açaí bowls
  3. Increases the volume of açaí 
  4. Perfect consistency every time
  5. No more messy blender
  6. Reduced labour
  7. Increases healthy profits into your business
  8. Less noisy than blending
  9. No need for any other ingredients
  10. Amazing creamy taste and texture

What’s included?

We will take care of the machine installation and you will be given training and support plus
marketing materials. It also comes with 10kg açaí sorbet to get you started.

To give you an example of how profitable an açaí machine could be:

How long does it take to make a 250g bowl?
How many bowls per (250g) 5kg?Cost of toppings (250g)Sale priceYour profit per boxProfit per week – $1075 = 100 bowls
10 seconds20$0.50$15$215$3,975
Please note that all numbers provided above are an average of a recent Nectar Fruits survey.

Click here for acai machine specifications.

How do you acquire this for business? Send us a message here and we’ll set you up.