We all know what that 2pm energy slump feels like…

There’s still SO much you have to get done but you’re just ready to crash mid-day and can’t seem to find the energy to pick yourself back up. 

Before you pound an energy drink – try a few of these tips to naturally increase your energy:

1. Ensure That Your Diet Is Healthy

To improve your physical stamina, you have to make an effort to eat food that will give enough energy. Make sure you’re fueling your body with high-nutrients foods to give you the energy to maximize your day!⁠ Having enough healthy carbs and protein in your meals is perfect to keep your energy up and keep your tummy satisfied. Get your carbs from good sources like Rice, Sweet potatoes, Pasta, Oatmeal, Beans, Yams, Quinoa 

Just to name a few.. 

Eat better, not less! Switch to more whole foods and less processed foods as consuming ultra-processed foods will spike your energy making you feel more tired. Be mindful of micronutrients – getting enough vitamins and minerals does wonder for your energy. Smoothie bowls, acai bowls or chia pudding are always good choices. 

2. Exercise Regularly 

Not everyone loves working out, but it helps when one wants to improve his/her physical stamina. It’s important to exercise as it improves not just your stamina, but also body fitness and makes you feel better about yourself. A research conducted in 2017, shows that working out has positive impacts on fatigue. That is, exercising improves your mental functioning, sleep quality as well as your work ability. Also, you can do some meditation or yoga classes as they also play a crucial role in improving both mental and physical stamina.

3. Ensure That You Have A Good Rest

Resting is part of the process of improving your physical stamina. Good rest allows your body to recover from workouts and other tedious activities. One of the best ways to ensure that your body is getting enough rest is by getting quality sleep. Besides, your body needs a break after a long day of working, exercising, among other things.

4. Consider Taking Caffeine Or IV Vitamin Therapy

Vitamin IV Therapy is offered by several in Thailand. However, for the best services you should choose your service provider carefully. Located in Thailand Rawai Laguna, Phuket, Lyfe Medical Wellness focuses on providing your with both quality services and an excellent customer experience that you won’t forget. Visit their website or contact us for more information on how we can help improve your life.


Your overall body health is essential, whether it is physical or even mental, that is why you should invest in improving your stamina. By following these ways and many others, you can quickly go through the process of building your endurance as well as enhance your everyday performance.

Guest post from: https://lyfemedical.com