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If you own a cafe or juice bar and you want to serve the best acai available in Australia then you are in the right place! Our acai will have your customers coming back to you again and again. It is easy to work with and tastes amazing.


If you are interested in large quantities of acai for manufacturing, franchises or retailing, we can most certainly look at your requirements and give you importing options. We have strong Brazilian connections and the skills to make importing your own acai a very simple process.


We also bring in other premium fruits from the amazon that are ideal for smoothies, juices or smoothie bowls. Our other popular products are pink pitaya (dragon fruit), acerola and guava.


We believe that the Amazon is the lungs of the world and that it is vital to preserve the forest. By employing local people of the Amazon to harvest our acai we know that our acai is harvested ethically with the best care possible to the natural environment.

Our Client’s Beautiful Acai Bowls

My name is Rubem Fontenele and I am the company founder and director of Nectar Fruits. I grew up in the Amazon region of Brazil and as a child I loved eating acai. My passion for this part of my culture has turned into a dream business where I have the pleasure of bringing the best of the Amazon to Australia.

Being a local and having family members in the acai business in Brazil, has allowed me to be able to source the best quality product that is available in the world.

I now live in Australia and love this amazing country. I enjoy traveling home to Brazil and the Amazon where I love spending time there and ensure that only the best quality acai berries are harvested and shipped to Australia.

Rubem Fontenele


What Our Customers Say…

This is Tian from Base Broadbeach. Just wondering if I can order 6 cartons of acai? I got two last time and loved their quality! If you have it on hand will be possible for me to get it by tomorrow please? Thank you so much!

Base Café – Broabeach

Nectar Fruits the only company with the highest quality certified organic açaí available in the world!

Salt Performance Training

At Frigg we love our Nectar Fruits Acai Bowl .. and so do our customers

Maria Elita - Frigg Cafe

Our Products

Organic Acai Berry Pure

Our frozen organic açaí pulp is nutritious, thick and pure! An unsweetened açaí puree for an authentic Brazilian açaí experience. Perfect for smoothie bowls or smoothies without any added sugar for your health conscious customers.

60 x 100g sachets

Acai banana sorbet

The Acai Bowl Sorbet is a ready to eat product! The new formula has made it creamier and tastier. Produced with natural ingredients from the Amazon region, without the addition of chemical additives, preservatives or dyes.

500 grams

Acai Guarana Sorbet

Acai with Guarana Sorbet. This product is ready to eat with no blending required. It is also easy to serve as it can be scooped from the box.

5kg – Box

Açaí Machine

We can install this machine in your cafe so that you ready to create amazing açaí bowls just by turning on the tap! It is easier than ever to add this nutritious whole food to your menu with no more blending, broken blenders or mess. Perfect açaí every single time!

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If you own a cafe, juice bar or retail store within Queensland, Australia and want to test our product then send us a message.


We are passionate about sharing our love of Brazilian super fruits with Australia, New Zealand and Asia. It is our promise to deliver only the very best premium acai and other exotic super fruits from the Amazon.


For info or questions about our amazing products or an if you would like to place an order, please send us an email. We will contact you within 24 hours.


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