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If you own a cafe or juice bar and aim to offer the finest acai available in the Australian market, you’ve come to the right place! Our acai will keep your customers coming back again and again! It is easy to work with and the taste is amazing.


If you are interested in acquiring large quantities of acai for manufacturing, franchises, or retailing, we can certainly assess your requirements and provide you with importing options. Leveraging strong Brazilian connections and expertise, we ensure a straightforward process for importing your own acai.


In addition to acai, we import a selection of premium fruits from the Amazon, perfect for smoothies, juices, or smoothie bowls. Our range includes Pink Pitaya (dragon fruit), Acerola, and Guava. Moreover, we offer Caju, Graviola, and Camu Camu, providing a diverse array of options for your culinary creations.


The Amazon Rainforest, home to millions of diverse species, is a vital ecosystem. We prioritize ethical and sustainable practices by exclusively employing local Amazon residents for acai harvesting. Rest assured, our commitment ensures the preservation of the natural environment while delivering the highest quality acai.

Our Client’s Beautiful Acai Bowls

I am Rubem Fontenele, the founder and director of Nectar Fruits. Growing up in the Amazon region of Brazil, my love for acai as a child has evolved into a dream business. Bringing the best of the Amazon to Australia is not just a business venture; it’s a passion deeply rooted in my cultural background.

Being a local and having family members involved in the acai business in Brazil has given me the unique ability to source the highest quality product in the world. Now based in Australia, I am proud to call this amazing country home. Despite the distance, I regularly travel back to Brazil and the Amazon to personally oversee the quality of our products, ensuring that only the finest acai berries are harvested and shipped to Australia.

Rubem Fontenele


Açaí Machine

Bring the simplicity of crafting amazing açaí bowls to your cafe with our easy-to-install machine. With just a turn of the tap, you’re ready to create perfect açaí bowls—no more blending, broken blenders, or mess. Enjoy the ease of adding this nutritious whole food to your menu every single time!

What Our Customers Say…

We have 4 busy drive thru cafes. All of them have a Nectar Fruits açai machine

The support we receive from them is 10/10 and our costumers absolutely love the taste and texture of our açai bowls. – Arthur @ Taste My Bean

We have been using Nectar Fruits soft scoop-able açai for nearly a year now

This has been our favourite açai product we have ever tried! This has speed up our service time as it’s so quick and easy to use as it’s really soft so we can scoop to order. Our customers absolutely love the taste! – Eugenie @ Plant Vibes Cafe

We can’t recommend Nectar Fruits acai products enough

We used their sorbet acai as a scoop-able product, it was amazing. When we finally got our hands on one of their machines, it was game changing. The product is consistent every time, tastes incredible and is one of our top selling products. Nectar fruits has amazing products but also first class customers service. We are thankful to have a great partnership with their company. – Stacey @ Boardshort Barista

Nectar Fruits has an outstanding product, prices & great support

We have been using Nectar Fruits for about 2 years now since changing over from a popular & well known brand. – Brenden @ Active Blends 

We changed over from another Acai brand and havent looked back!

The product is easy to use, tastes great and our customers love it too. Jake from Nectar Fruits is a super star, great service and always available whenever we had questions or needed him 😊 – Susie @ Kith N Chow

We have been together since the first açai container in 2016

Very happy to see Nectar Fruit growing as business, branding and always supplying the best quality products. – Felipe Koury @ Smooth Life

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