Today we’re going to talk about a few unhealthy habits that you can quit that can change your life. I’m not talking about bad habits like sleeping too late or spending too much. I’m going to discuss the subtle ones you don’t even realise that you do it.

Let’s just get straight into it.

1. Trying to solve all your problems at once

Let me acknowledge first that, I’m so proud of you! Wanting to do that comes from a really good place, it comes from being ambitious, it comes from wanting to do right by yourself. So it’s weird because I’m proud of you for wanting to do it and I’m also advising you not to do it.

So the habit here is trying to correct everything that we think is wrong at the same time when each piece individually is actually a chunky piece of work. Especially right after the New Year, we want to tackle everything, we are so pumped that we think “there are so many things that I need to be doing to get a better night’s sleep for example. So I’m gonna have my shower before I go to bed, I’m gonna turn off all my digital devices half an hour or one hour before bedtime, I’m gonna warm my feet up, I’m gonna light my candles and create that relaxing atmosphere, I’m gonna set the temperature to like eighteen point six degrees Celsius, you go to bed at 9pm and five hours later, you’re still awake.

2. Not accepting compliments.

This one is so subtle but it actually has a really big impact on your self-esteem and how you see yourself in your relationship with yourself. If you’re like me, as soon as someone gives me compliment, I would just be like “nope”. There’s a fine line between someone paying you a compliment and you being humble versus you shutting it down.

If you reject a compliment you’re not just brushing it off, you’re actually saying “no I’m not that good thing”. Doing it a little bit is okay but, when it’s years and years and this has become a habitual, that’s where it starts to play into you. Your self-esteem and the way you see yourself.

And the thing is you might not think that you do this, but I think it’s a lot more common than we might think.

3. Measuring the value of food

You know how you say, this is low carb – so this good or this is high in protein, this has too much calories or too little macros, too much oil. etc.

The entire concept of good or bad food is flawed. It’s not always black and white. Something might not be high in micronutrients, it might be super high in calories, it might have absolutely no nutritional value, but it might taste like the best thing you’ve ever had in your life. And it might be part of an experience that you’ll never forget – it creates memories. And those incredible memories and enjoyment are so real even though you can’t measure them.

I’m not saying you go out and enjoy a bucket of fries every single day because it creates memories but view food as something that will nourish you and at the same time it’s not the end of the world if you eat ice cream.

4. Limiting yourself and using labels

Limitations are there to do one thing, there to limit you. You might not be good at public speaking and because you’ve set that limit for myself, you stopped trying to improve and better yourself because you’ve created that boundary.

It’s a choice that you’re not good at public speaking because you never practice. This is something you can control – it’s not like you are teaching yourself how to fly.

And the next thing I want to talk about is labeling, which I think is linked to limitations. It’s so easy to label something or someone. Example, you say to yourself, “I’m a runner, or I’m a triathlete” which is totally fine don’t get me wrong but sometimes it can be limiting.

We end up shutting ourselves off from all of the amazing benefits of biometrics or calisthenics or powerlifting or gymnastics because of “runners don’t that”. There’s so much out there that can benefit us if we just allow it to, and it goes way beyond Fitness. Fitness is just a teeny tiny example it can be in so many different areas of our lives. Where there’s value in things that we aren’t doing because it’s outside of our label.

So those are just a few habits that you can work on that can really help you move on and progress as a person.

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